The T33 draws its power from a reworked Cosworth-developer V12

Gordon Murray – the man responsible for the T50 fan-car and three-seat McLaren F1 – has pulled the covers off his latest creation: a V12-engined supercar.

Limited to just 100 units, the T33 will set customers back £1.37m before taxes and is being touted by Murray as “the world’s most accomplished all-round two-seater”.

As standard, the T33 has a 6-speed manual gearbox with a paddle shift transmission designed around Xtrac’s instantaneous gearchange system (IGS) optional. The Cosworth-designed 3.9-litre V12 engine has been adapted further to produce 606bhp.

Built on a newly-developed carbon and aluminium super-lightweight architecture, the British engineering mastermind believes the T33 nameplate will “firmly establish the Gordon Murray Automotive Brand as the world’s premier supercar manufacturer”.

Initial prototypes are being readied to commence running this summer before the first cars are delivered to customers in 2024.

“Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is a brand that is pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation,” said Murray. “We are already developing a global reputation that we are unlike every other car manufacturer.

“We are not chasing trends. We are not chasing headline performance figures. We are not chasing sales. Nor will we ever be. Which is why now, and in the future, GMA vehicles will always abide by our seven core principles – principles that represent the cornerstone of our brand, our world-leading vehicles and the legacy that we are creating.”

These seven principles are ‘driving perfection’, ‘exclusivity’, ‘lightweight’, ‘premium’, ‘engineering art’, ‘a return to beauty’ and ‘a personalised customer journey’.

Inside, all of the main controls are rotary and analogue, although Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard. The rev-counter is backlit and “defiantly analogue” while the remaining driver controls are machined from aluminium alloy for “a wonderfully tactile feel”.

The same material is used in the construction of the pedals for its strength and lightness as well as delivering “exceptional control and sensitivity to the driver”.

“Our focus from day one of this project has been to deliver absolute driving perfection,” added Murray. “And while the engine may be the heart and soul of a supercar, the cabin and its controls provide the conduit through which the driver engages with the engine and the car’s other attributes.

“The T33’s driver-focussed cabin enables each journey, no matter how short, to be relished free of distraction and it also provides the practicality for longer trips to be undertaken.”

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