Average fuel prices remain stubbornly high for hard hit motorists

Northern Ireland motorists continue to financially better off when it comes to filling up their cars at the pumps, a leading motoring group says.

Data from the AA confirms that 142.7p/litre was the lowest of all the UK’s regions throughout the month of January compared to some parts of England where it was four pence a litre more expensive.

The average cost of diesel here, meanwhile, was 145.1 p/litre compared to a high of 150.3 p/litre in the south of England. Once again, supermarkets continue to offer the greatest value for increasingly cash-strapped road users.

According to the RAC’s ‘Fuel Price Watch’, the average cost of a litre of petrol and super unleaded is forecast to drop from their current highs of 147.6 p/litre and 160.1 p/litre although diesel is set to remain unchanged at 151.1 p/litre.

On Thursday, the average cost for a litre of diesel reached 151.21 p/litre to surpass the previous all-time high of 151.1 p/litre that was first recorded last November.

AA fuel spokesperson Luke Bosdet says the motoring public should expect to see price rises in the cost of everyday living due to soaring fuel rates. “Businesses warned this week that they have no option but to pass on higher costs to consumers.

“The latest jump in the price of diesel, the workhorse fuel of business and haulage, ramps up that inflationary pressure even more.”

The Consumer Council’s Fuel Price Checker shows diesel to be the cheapest in a number of towns in Northern Ireland, including Antrim, Ballymena and Carrickfergus (142.9 p/litre) with Londonderry the most expensive at 150.9 p/litre.

As for petrol, the best prices are to be found in Belfast (137.9 p/litre) compared to Magherafelt (148.9 p/litre).

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